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Friday, October 30

What to do, if your man doesn’t want to marry you?


Forcing someone to do something is never a good idea, as it can only make our relationship worse. Many women do not understand that it is not always possible to do what they want, sometimes you have to compromise. But can you do anything to get your guy to marry you?

Talk to him

Guys are creatures who mature late (although some say they don’t do it at all), so hurrying up and jumping out with it suddenly scares many guys, because in a statistical Polish marriage (naturally, the younger generation mostly tries to equalise the burden of responsibility) the whole responsibility lies with the man, which is not really interesting and appealing to every young guy in the power of age. Therefore, instead of breaking down or behaving like a small child who was not bought in a toy store, try to be mature, and talk to him calmly about why he thinks so. Of course, it is important to stress here that this conversation is very serious and will determine the future of your relationship, so it is better that you conduct it honestly.

Many women also don’t realize that most men aren’t afraid of the marriage itself, but of whether they can handle their duties and responsibilities and whether they can be a “model parent”. In fact, after saying yes to yourself – most of the time a guy decides to sacrifice half of his life to you, which is not easy for him, (just like abondoning his favourite porn movies for you) plus there is a chance that something in the relationship will go wrong – and his life will fall apart. No guy wants this, and because we live in a time where technology practically puts betrayal under our noses – more and more men are looking at alternatives than marriage.

If your guy says no – it’s a no!

Unfortunately, but if he said the words mentioned above, there is rather a very small chance that he thinks you are good material for his wife. Of course, remember that everyone will find someone for themselves someday, so just this one might not be suitable for you. Besides, talking and thinking about getting married after a few months of the relationship is considered a “red flag” in the world of relationships, and thus there is a good chance that the guy will get scared and run away from you. Therefore, after hearing his arguments, why he thinks he shouldn’t marry you, think what you want to do next – whether you need marriage for your happiness and whether your life goals still converge.

Actions speak louder than words

Sometimes the reason why your partner doesn’t want to marry you, has sexual background. Maybe he doesn’t see you fit for the role of his sexual partner for the rest of his life, or something else is stopping him from doing so. As we said before, first you should talk to him about it, and then try to change those things. It can be even done by sending sex pics, or short amateur porn vids, with you playing with yourself. You don’t have to correct yourself to his liking, just get rid of the dealbreaker s, and then you’re set.