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Sunday, November 1

One night stand is easy to find


Sex without remorse? No problem, with a one-night stand all this is possible. But now you probably ask yourself the question where you should find the right partner for a night together! It’s not that difficult at all, even if the disco age is over. Today the focus is on online dating and here there are good tips and tricks on how to really achieve success.

Again, you hear of coincidences that have made a couple out of two strangers. Something like this happens in the social media area or online gaming. But to hope for such a coincidence when it comes to a one-night stand would be wasted time. There are suitable platforms that are suitable to find a sex partner with the same interests.

This includes websites such as escortgirls.guru where both women and men are only concerned with one thing. Without such a site, it is hardly possible to find a one-night stand on the internet. As a member of a corresponding portal, however, nothing stands in the way of the soon erotic pleasure.

Where are there other ways to find a one-night stand?

Of course, there is still the classic way to find a sex partner for a night out together in real life. Here there are several points of contact, where it could work :

  • a discotheque or trendy bar;
  • pubs, especially at late hours;
  • in everyday life.

Offline meet someone in a disco

Disco has always been the best place to meet someone for spontaneous sex. But what if you’re not a disco singer at all? What if the wild years of dance and music are already behind you? Then the dance temple will be eliminated for them. Unless they overcome themselves, but even then a one-night stand is not guaranteed.

In the disco you get to know a lot of people, many of them are traveling with friends. The chances of towing a single person from a group of friends for a one-night stand are slim. After all, there is a danger that friends or even a possible partner will notice something!

In reality, the sex search in the disco usually looks like this: they get to know someone and flirt. Maybe she or he will even allow you to buy a few drinks. But when things get serious, they get a phone number pressed into their hands and their hope for an erotic rendezvous fades.

Meet someone in the pub

The pub is a good place to start at a late hour, because here all the lonely hearts meet, who need a little attention. Here it should be easy to tow a one-night stand. In fact, it occasionally works in the pub that two people find each other for sex. However, this is rather the exception.

Realistically, an evening in the pub often ends with far too much alcohol. The tongue loosens, there is talk about problems. Melancholy sets in and the attention of the other person is good. But the danger with such an acquaintance is that because of the alcohol level no sex is possible anymore.

In addition, the facts the next morning are often very sobering. The opposite is not as pretty as thought, has a hangover and must then disappear again as quickly as possible.

Meeting a one-night stand in everyday life

For most people, everyday life consists of work and leisure. In the job, there are now and then colleagues who are worth a second look. But even if sexual attraction prevails, sex in the job is a big mistake. You have to remember that you will see the sex partner again days later.

Even Christmas parties and other celebrations are unsuitable for sexual attachments. The consequences are usually not predictable and in the worst case, the working life is permanently impaired.

The same applies to a one-night stand in the circle of friends. Even if on a humid and happy evening the desire prevails and two people end up in bed together, this usually has no nice consequences. It becomes especially difficult when one of the two is forgiven. Then there can be massive problems that could be avoided.

At escortgirls.guru meet someone for a one-night stand

one night stand

The Internet is a modern and well-suited Option to find a one-night stand or a fling. Pages like escortgirls.guru are optimally suited for this because here everyone is looking for the same things. However, there are a few important tips on how to actually get a successful date:

  1. create a meaningful profile;
  2. upload an attractive profile photo;
  3. actively contact other people;
  4. also, search outside your own city.

A good profile for the perfect one-night stand

On websites such as escortgirls.guru it is important that you create a good, meaningful profile. When your counterpart visits the profile it should be clear what you are looking for and what wishes you have.

Of course, you don’t have to reveal everything about yourself, but with a sympathetically written text, you achieve more than if you leave the profile completely empty. In addition, it is helpful at the best erotic forum, if you already reveal the first information about your application. Do you actually just want to spend a one-off night with someone or are you possibly looking for an affair?

Are you interested in BDSM or would you like to find a partner for the swingers club? All this is possible on the internet and the better you describe your wishes, the more suitable the contacts are.

A photo belongs in every good profile

Without a profile photo, you have bad cards when online dating. Nobody wants to buy the cat in the bag, not even her opposite. Therefore, you should choose a good picture of yourself to give a first impression. Don’t worry, you don’t have to present yourself completely. Often less is more and there is enough time for details later.

Activity increases your chances of success

If you have registered with an erotic portal, you should become active yourself in order to get to know someone. Especially men are rarely written by a woman. Look for potential sex partners and leave a message if you like someone.

Tip: Do not write a standard email to all people on the site. Something stands out and arouses little interest in getting to know each other.

Thinking outside the box is worthwhile

In your own city, you simply cannot find anyone with whom you could imagine a one-night stand? Then just take a look in the neighboring town. Often it is only a few kilometers to get there and there may be just the right person waiting for a hot one-night stand.

It can really be worthwhile to specify only a few criteria when searching. The fewer search criteria are entered, the greater the choice of people who are all looking for the same thing!

Five simple steps to sex date

  1. At the beginning is the first message. If it is well received, the way to bed is almost already paved.
  2. In the second step, you exchange your existing wishes and ideas.
  3. Step three consists of defining a place for a meeting. Own apartment? Hotel? Or rather in the car?
  4. In step four you exchange your mobile numbers and contact outside the platform.
  5. In step five you meet and have fun together.

Advantages and risks of a one-night stand for women

Of course, such a one-night stand offers risks, but these are relatively low. The risk of consequences is significantly greater with a rendezvous in the circle of friends than with an online date.


  • sex partners have described themselves differently or sent wrong photos;
  • the sex is not good and the date was a bust;
  • the sex was so good that the desire for more is loud.


  • if the sex was bad, you never have to see the other again;
  • during sex date complete anonymity is maintained;
  • the inhibitions are low because you usually never see each other again;
  • sexual desires can be carried out without regard to the partner.

Advantages and risks of a one-night stand for men

Men have significantly less risk on a sex date because at least physically they are almost always superior to the woman. There are plenty of advantages to a one-night stand.


  • feelings arise for the sex partner;
  • with pocket money sex your own purse could suffer.


  • even with purchasable sex, there is no reason for a guilty conscience;
  • the sex meeting is unique and has no impact on private life;
  • sexual desires and dreams can be fulfilled;
  • the male hunting instinct is satisfied once again.

Sex meetings over the internet are easy to find

In the modern age, the internet is the best place to find a spontaneous one-night stand. Whether as pocket money sex, a one-night stand or escort escort-the possibilities are manifold and the chances are good. Usually, it takes only a few days, often even only hours, until the first message becomes the first touch.

Even if it takes a day or two to find the right candidate, the chances on the Internet are far better than if you are looking for a sex partner in real life.