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Friday, October 30

Is it worth risking rejection for love


Without love, it would be difficult for any being to function properly. Funny thing is that love usually comes at the least expected moment. Sometimes it is a source of happiness, euphoria or hate. But is it worth risking rejection for love?

Is it worth it?

Some people think it’s worth risking because the person can stay with you for the rest of your life. Often reason and emotion do not go hand in hand, after all, love is unreasonable, so it is worth considering some factors. One of the advantages is that it is easier to get out of problems when we can rely on someone, right? Naturally, on the other hand, people are opposed to being betrayed, or the person we are in a relationship with is a toxic person – so our relationship will ruin our whole life, and the person who “loves” us will get bored with his “toy” after some time and leave us – and we will be left alone. At the bottom. With nothing at our hands. And it is very hard to bounce back from the bottom.

The advantages of being loved

With love it’s easier to achieve life’s goals and success. Life it’s easier if we’re appreciated by our other half. The sense of belonging and closeness present in the relationship also satisfy human needs. Sex is also a very important element of any relationship, it can deepen the relationship between the partners and make the lovers stay attractive to each other for a long time. But sex also brings health benefits, improves blood circulation, calms, relaxes, and even has an analgesic effect, but also keeps our body in better shape, strengthens our immunity, and even supposedly regular sex prolongs life. In view of the above arguments, you have to judge for yourself whether it is worth risking so much for love.

What is the ,,dark side of love”?

Like everything, love can have a good, and a bad side. Did you ever hear the phrase ,,all is fair in love and war”? – Well it’s true. But most of the time we don’t even want to cope with it, because we want everything to go ,,our way”. That’s one thing, but as we say ,,all is fair” – then the problems really start to occur, because we can get really easily hurt, when our partner suddenly decides that something in our relationship is a deal breaker, and they won’t even tell us about it, just to find another partner to cheat on you and just leave you for that person. On the other note, using love you can get taken advantage of, since all you can think of is love, and happiness, you can  be easily extorted by that person for money, favors or even personal belongings.

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