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Tuesday, September 22

How to Buy Face-Appropriate Romantic Necklaces


Whenever a man attempts to be romantic and give his partner a special gift, there’s only one outcome – the woman loves the gift no matter how good or bad it is. It’s in women’s nature to look beyond the materialistic appeal of a gift and appreciate the effort. However, men shopping for romantic necklaces need to consider many design factors if they want to get a gift that truly thrills his woman. Here’s how men can be both romantic and astute buyers when shopping for romantic necklaces.

Identify Your Woman’s Features 

The shape of your woman’s face massively impacts her neckline. Necklaces need to be both face and neck-appropriate, or else they don’t look as appealing. If you’re planning on surprising her and don’t want to ask her the obvious question, assess the types of jewelry sets she likes to wear. Or, notice the shape of her face when her hair is pulled back. She’ll either have an oval, round, square, or triangle-shaped face. The necklaces that say I love you should add meaning to the words. Taking the effort to identify your woman’s face and neck features before getting her a necklace that suits her to the tee is commendable!

Necklaces Oval and Round-Faced Women

A majority of women across the world have oval or round-shaped faces. This facial type is very compatible with necklaces. Ideally, you want a necklace that will balance your woman’s neckline. These necklaces should shift attention from her neck to her facial features. Round-shaped faces can look big when you wear a square necklace set. The objective of the necklace is to make the round face appear thinner and elongated. To do that, get Asymmetrical necklaces. These necklaces create vertical lines that make a face look leaner and longer. If your woman is round-faced, she must be doing some things to add length to the face. Help her out by investing in vertical necklaces and tiaras.

Square-Faced Women 

Square-faced women typically have sharp features. So, their angular facial type needs to be complemented with simple and thin necklaces that bring out the sharpness in their face. Compliment your woman’s strong jawline with a scalloped-edged necklace. Nowadays, most women with strong and detailed features prefer wearing lace-trimmed necklines. These new necklace designs are worth looking into. Whatever you do – stick to a minimalistic approach. You want the necklace to further magnify her jawline and sharp features. You don’t want a necklace that draws attention away from those features!